Accidentally Deactivated All Fonts 😩

Today some of my Google Fonts were not working in other apps. In the process of troubleshooting I unwittingly hit the green circle next to the Active Fonts option in the sidebar. It deactivated and deleted from my system about 60 fonts, which was NOT my intent.

Is there a way I can get those back (or see what they were)? Undo didn’t do anything. Those fonts represent months of project work and a good bit of time identifying fonts that are helpful to me. I was counting on FontBase to keep track of them, so I have no idea what was there.

Lets first determine the correct terms here. “Deactivate” is not equal to “delete”. When you deactivate a font, it stays where it way in your system, it it just not available. It is still in FontBase.

“Delete” means you have deleted the font file completely. To do that you need to specifically right click a font and select “Delete from disk”.

So which one happened exactly?

I clicked the green circle next to Active Fonts. I think that means I just deactivated the fonts, correct?

The reason I said deactivated/deleted was because when I clicked on the green circle FontBase popped up two messages in quick succession at the bottom of the app that said “fonts are being deactivated” and “fonts are being deleted” (as best I can remember).

Yes, that has only deactivated the fonts, correct.

Can you find the fonts in FontBase?

Would the fonts I already had installed before FontBase be affected? It seems like many of them are still there.

I was mostly using FontBase to easily discover and install Google Fonts. I assume that is mostly what I lost when I deactivated the fonts (and what I’m hoping I can recover).

FontBase does not affect installed fonts. It can only activate/deactivate fonts that you have added to it, and Google fonts.

I’m not sure what do you mean by “lost” here. You can simply activate the deactivated fonts again. Do you have less fonts then before in FontBase?

Yes, I have about 60 fewer fonts than I had before I unwittingly deactivated all “active” fonts.

There are almost too many Google fonts to be helpful. I used to FontBase to identify and activate the ones I liked. I can’t simply reactivate the missing fonts because I don’t know which 60 out of the 3,000+ fonts I had activated before. I’m hoping not to lose the time I spent culling through that huge library and get back to where I was.

You will need to find the fonts and activate them again. I recommend adding fonts to a collection if you’re constantly working with a subset of fonts. That way you won’t need to search for them again if you accidentally deactivate them next time.