Account Settings

i see no account settings

can’t change email. can’t do anything

all i see is Billing

Profile only shows me change pw

also it asked me to upgrade when i already have upgraded

Are you talking about the user web dashboard? This page FontBase ?
If yes, we don’t have the email change possibility there. We can change the email for you, if you want that.

As for the upgrade part - have you logged in into your account inside the app?

hi there

i hate to be a nark, but it seems you simply do not maintain this app.

if you sent any time at all on this app, it would not be so dysfunctional and clunky. so many basic functions simply missing.

there is not even any documentation in the app (or anywhere)

the icons you use in the app are fgar from being intuitive

in the web account, it is hard to know why you bother – tere is basically nothing there!

no help or documentation (again)

and apparently if i want to change my email, i have to ask you! just how stupid and inefficient is that?

ALL that it has is a CC and billing record. just pathetic

and although the actual app works quite well, the user management of fonts is lacking or buggy or illogical. i can’t even remember all the different issues

  1. the logical condition/s for Super Search is wrong/lacking.
    the individual Category ROW items should be OR operators
    with AND operators betwen ROWS.

whereas the TAGS should all be OR operators (then btw you would not need a NOR operator that some people are asking for - assuming all fonts have a tag)

and simply using it or trying to move/copy fonts into COLLECTIONS (folders) is not-intuitive - it is just all sort of clunky

even the delete by dragging to the HIDDEN panel on rhs is really annoying - really annoying how you hide it

there should basically be a tick box for bulk operations - move/copy/delete

i would haver to go and try to do some font operations to see again all the things that are really clunky to use

really disappointing for what could be a great app, but seeing i am paying $3 p/m, i expect something that works a bit better and easier and logical and user-friendly

some documentation AND a Help option would be a start … like you know something really ‘advanced’.

Hello @dec, Yuriy from the Dev Team here.
Thank you for your post and sorry to hear you’ve had negative experience with FontBase.

Expressing your opinion and experience does not make you a narc in any way, it’s the exact opposite and one of the key things that helps us make FontBase better with every update.

It would be great if you could post a list of basic functions that you think are missing and tag the post with “Greenlight” tag to help other users see them and if it gets enough support we will definitely consider implementing them.

Your comment about documentation is a reasonable one. Unfortunately it isn’t available in written form at the moment, but you might find this set of tutorials we’ve recorded for our users helpful in answering at least some of your questions:

The icons in FontBase seem to work well for most users, since we don’t often get any complaints about them, but we are always grateful for any constructive suggestions on what can be improved. Such suggestions could perhaps deserve a separate forum post, since icons are a big topic on their own.

As for the web account, you are correct, there is a limited number of actions you can take through it at the moment. Again, a forum post with a “Greenlight” tag might be good way to discuss any additional features users like yourself would want to see implemented there.

At FontBase we are doing our best to provide help to our users via this forum, email and even social media, and we’re sorry to hear that you feel that you haven’t been provided any help at all. Perhaps this post can be the first step to remedy that. As for documentation, again, the above set of tutorials on Youtube might be able to answer at least some of your questions.

Changing a user’s email is not as efficient as it could have been, you are right. Even though a relatively small percentage of users require this feature, making this process more smooth and simple is something we’re working on. Unfortunately there are some challenges we have to overcome first in order to move away from the changing the emails manually.

Again, the number of actions a user can take via the web account is indeed quite limited at the moment, and getting feedback and suggestions on what to add/improve was one of the very reasons this forum has been created.

Thank you, we’re glad that you had an overall positive experience with the actual app. It would be great if, whenever possible, you could perhaps list the issues you’ve had with it in a forum post? Other users will probably find such information useful as well.

As for SuperSearch conditions in FontBase - could you please clarify what exactly do you find does not make sense? Both font properties (contrast, weight etc) and tags features are meant to complement each other, so that e.g. a user can find a font with weight above 0.7 (heavier) and has several respective tags. If we made all of those conditions into “or” then a user would only be able to use a single search parameter at a time and end up with hundreds or thousands of fonts after executing the search query, left to sift through them by hand for minutes or hours and wasting their time. The scenario you described could perhaps work with the “All fonts have a tag” assumption, but that is definitely not the case for most users. Therefore it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to decide on how the features should work based on this assumption alone, don’t you think?

Could you perhaps specify which part of adding fonts to Collections do you find non-intuitive and clunky? As the tutorial suggests, it’s as simple as dragging the fonts over the Collection you want to add them to (one or many depending on how many a user has selected). Collections and Folders are separate categories in FontBase, as you can see from the list in the Sidebar, so based on your post it looks like you mean the Collections, not Folders.

Could you perhaps elaborate on which part of dragging fonts over is annoying and in what way? We’ve never had any complaints about this and everything seems to work very well, at least based on the feedback we get. Do you mean that the animation is too fast to your liking?

Move/copy/delete operations are applied to all the selected fonts, as you probably have noticed. Do you mean that the “selected” status would be better represented by additional visual elements in the user interface besides the highlights present now?

Again, we’re always glad to hear back from our users on what they like/dislike about font operations and making a forum post with any constructive suggestions could be a great way to help us keep on improving FontBase.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t found your experience with FontBase to not be easy, logical and user-friendly enough. Hope the above suggestions will make it at least slightly more enjoyable. We’re always glad to help our users get a better use out of everything FontBase provides.