Affinity Designer compatibility! :)

Affinity Designer is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, currently costing less than 2 months of Illustrator “rent”. I’d love to see the auto features available for AI also applied to AD. This would make the subscription to Fontbase much more enticing for myself and other users that have passed on Adobe products.


We really want this too! But, the problem here is that Affinity does not support plugins. We need the ability to implement plugins to detect what fonts are missing in the document. We already have contacted Affinity several times asking for help in this matter, but received no response :frowning:


Bittersweet news! I’m bummed that Affinity hasn’t been very helpful, but I’m also happy to hear that you’ve already been thinking in that direction. Thanks for being transparent about everything! :slight_smile:


This is a shame. Really want to use Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop but I cannot quit and relaunch the app each time I need to add a new font (and only be able to add the font through Font Book).

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Affinity Photo supports photoshop plugins and will also be able to “see” a freshly activated font without restarting the program. I just now double checked it


It could be only Mac thing, but Typeface app supports auto activation for most popular apps without a plugin…
So the auto activation for Affinity in Mac version maybe possible.

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The Affinity apps would always recognize newly activated fonts while running, and if a font is missing that is used in the project, it shows with a ? in front and as soon as the font is activated in fontbase, it becomes available in the Affinity app instantly.

So the feature the Affinity apps are missing out on, is that on opening of a file the fonts would activate without user interaction, and, depending on the setting, also deactivated again on closing the file.

I tried using the fontbase plugin in Affinity Photo 2, which does support Photoshop plugins, but only 8bf. 8li, being scripting plugins, are not supported because Affinity Photo does not know the PS scripting language.

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