Big issue... app is frozen

I would appreciate your help ASAP.
I installed FontBase and added all my fonts in separate watch folders containing each font/family in a different subfolder. 27510 fonts in total.
I started the app, and though the list on the left seems to be ok, the window is frozen. The “All” tag is highlighted and I cannot move to any other folder. The bars do not slide. Neither in the folders list nor in the preview panel. I allowed it some time thinking that due to the large number of fonts, it could need time to load. No change at all.
If I close FontBase I cannot open it again. To do that I have to restart my laptop. (Windows 10)
I’m in a rush to work and have not been able to solve this. Please, HELP! :cry:

Hello @Frosini, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
I’m really sorry about this situation :pensive:
Does it still persist?
Did you perhaps have a chance to try to uninstall and re-install FontBase and see if it helps?
I believe the cause of this could be what had been discussed by several users of this forum a while ago and it came down to the sheer number of folders (not the fonts themselves) that resulted in very slow loading times and app freezes.
If re-installing doesn’t do the trick, would you be able to try to uninstall the application, reset the settings via this guide Reset Settings — FontBase Tutorials, then install FontBase again and re-add font folders not all at once, but rather in smaller parts and see if everything comes back to normal then?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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Hi, Yuriy. Nice to meet you. Thanks so much for your prompt reply!
I have been working on re-adding font folders since yesterday.
My fonts are grouped by provider and then, within each folder, by font/family. It’s the best way for me to find the original file in my backup disk, should I need to refer to the original download (some files, in particular files from Creative Fabrica also include bonus files/designs that I cleared from the folders that FontBase is watching. Am I clear? :thinking:
Is there a best practice for organizing the folders? These of CF are named not only by the font name but also include an ID number that is not showing in the font name, of course. Thus, I cannot simply add them without any folder. Mostly when I have many fonts that hold the same name, but are different. Impossible to easily tell one from another.
Any suggestion in this respect will be most welcomed.
Let’s see if I succeed… :wink:

Hello @Frosini, thank you for the quick and extensive reply :pray:
This way of categorising makes perfect sense, especially given that font file names are often the same:)
Unfortunately the more folders FontBase “watches”, the more of your computer’s resources it will require to keep track of what’s happening with them, i.e. adding new fonts, moving, deleting, re-arranging etc :pensive:
So ideally for FontBase you’d want to keep the number of folders to the level at which you have no performance issues, that would depend heavily on how powerful your computer is.
You’ve mentioned that you’ve been working on re-adding font folders - does FontBase work as before when you’re adding the folders gradually?
Thank you again,