Can not ad Watched folder

Hi all,
I just can’t add a «Watched folder» - no matter what I’m doing – whether from an external or local drive. it just doesn’t appear. what am I doing wrong?

MacOS latest version
MacBook Pro M1

Thanks for any idea

Hello @Fontometer, thank you for the post :pray:
Could you please describe the process you’re following to add a Watched folder?
Also, is your Root folder located on a network drive by any chance?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

hi Yuriy,
Thanks for your reply.
The root folder is indeed on a server, because the whole team should be able to access it, so that we certainly all use the same fonts.
A) does this even make sense?!
B) what would be the recommended workflow for a team?

I try to add the watched-folder, as suggested in the tutorials, either via the plus sign or the shortcut (⌘W). However, the folder does not appear in the list at all.

MacOS13.3.1 on MacBookPro M1

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
Most likely the conflict is between FontBase and the access rights to create links on the server. This does happen sometimes, unfortunately, depending on the network configuration and user authorisation to perform certain operations on the network.
As a workaround, would it be possible to move the actual font folders into the root folder? Not as watched folders, but as regular copies (via FontBase or your file manager of choice). I do understand this could be troublesome depending on the number of fonts and folders the users are using, but it could alleviate the problem at least partially.
Hope this helps,