Cannot remove a font

I am running Fontbase 2.16.9 on a MacPro (Monterey 12.0.1)

I’ve looked at countless videos and tutorials trying to figure out how to remove fonts. I try to drag the font but no trash can appears and nothing happens. I have deactivated the font first but still have this issue.

Is this a bug, or…what the heck am I doing wrong?

Heave you tried right-clicking a font or a font family?

Yes, I have right-clicked, tried option, alt, etc. but never does a trash can appear or any text saying “delete.” It’s pretty frustrating. The only way I can remove a font is to go to the actual fontbase folder, remove the font, and restart everything.

There is a menu when you right click a font family, and in that menu there should be an option “Delete from disk”. Have you clicked that?

I get no menu, nothing at all, when I right click. I am on a Mac, if that makes any difference.

You need to right click a font family in the right panel, with the white background.
Can you send a screenshot/video of your actions?

Hello @pbaker964, thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue and sorry for taking so long to reply.
Is this issue still relevant? Does/did right click work everywhere else on your system and the only place where it did not was FontBase? Does/did the right click work on folders/collections in the sidebar on the left?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team