Collection Sync not working

Hello, i am new around here. I tried reading other topics and somehow i feel like i cant find the solution so here we go.

I am trying to use the collection sync function ( its the only reason to buy the software anyway ) and its really frustating how its not working at all.

What i am trying to do:

1 - On my mac machine i have 14 collections with multiple fonts in each one.
2 - On my windows machine i am trying to get that collections to be the same.

I opened the mac, enable the auto-sync collections and exported to the Dropbox folder so on. Everything looks good.

Go to my windows machine and… nothing.
How this is supose to happen ? Its not synced at all.

If i have to manually create the collections and put the font on folders this basically means i dont need to pay the software to just “move fonts to dropbox”, its fairly simple to just script this on mac machines to always have fonts on dropbox folders.

What i am missing, this cant be how things works here. I need help!


Windows 10 ( cant find where to check the version )
Mac OS Monterey + Fontbase - 2.16.6

Hello @Luan, welcome to the forum, thank you for your post with such a detailed description and sorry to hear you’re having auto-sync issues.
Could you please confirm that you have auto-sync enabled on both the Mac and the Windows machines?
Also, were you perhaps able to load the collections on the Windows machine by clicking “import”, then selecting the location of the .json file you exported your Mac collections to (in the Dropbox folder if I understood correctly)?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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@yuriy i found the solution. I was trying to get the library synced on “collections” but it works on “folders” actually. I never got to actually made it sync on the collections tab but its working now using folders.

Its not 100% but its a solution.

Just to register: would be amazing if fontbase worked with ipad too. Font management on ipad is really bad right now.

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