Collection sync only one way?

One of the biggest reasons I subscribed to awesome was for the collection sync, because I frequently work across 2 devices, my desktop PC and a laptop. I am working through organizing a massive hoard of fonts, and I want to be able to categorize things from either computer. Unfortunately, sync doesn’t appear to be designed to do this - or I’m missing something.

The JSON file is in a google drive that’s mapped on both the PC and the laptop. However, my laptop seems to be the “primary” for the collection.

If I add a new collection while using fontbase on my laptop, or add a new item to a collection and then close fontbase, I can see that the JSON file updates, based on last modified timestamp. If I then open up fontbase on my PC, I can see the updates.

When I then try to remove or add a collection on my PC, or remove or add an item from a collection on my PC and close fontbase, the file again updates, based on the last modified timestamp.

However, when I re-open fontbase on my laptop, it’s overwriting the collection file with whatever was the last state on my laptop. If I had removed a collection on the PC, it’s still there on the laptop. If I had added a font to collection on my PC, it’s not in the collection on the laptop. And the JSON file gets updated when I close fontbase on my laptop.

Is this working as intended? Or is there something I’m missing to get this to sync in both directions?

Hello @EmmJay23, thank you for such a detailed description and welcome to the forum :pray:
This doesn’t really sound like intended behaviour.
Are both FontBase installations (on both the computer and the laptop) of the same latest version (2.18.1)?
In the scenario you’ve described, in the last step, upon re-opening FontBase on your laptop do you see a “Collections import successful” message in the bottom right corner?
Trying to figure out what the root cause of this behaviour might be.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team