"Could not activate" error

So I just migrated from OS High Sierra 10.13.6 to Big Sur 11.4 and now, my FontBase ( :heart: ) is not working… Either when I try to add my own fonts or even activate a Google Font, the program says “Could not activate 1 font” :pensive:

MacBook Air
Big Sur 11.4
FontBase Version 2.16.2

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It seems like we have an issue with the latest version of FontBase activating fonts on Mac. Can you try downloading the 2.16.0 update and install it and see if activation works there? FontBase — Update June 8, 2021


The 2.16.0 version worked perfectly, thank you!

Turns out, it was an issue in our latest update. Please download the 2.16.3 version, this issue is fixe there already: FontBase — Update July 15, 2021


Awesome, 2.16.3 version is working now! Thanks again