Created Account But Cant Log In

I’ve created an account several days ago by also subscribing to a monthly 3 dollars. I can not login and get no response from anybody from Font Base. What does this all mean?
When I try to login it says my email or password is wrong (which they are not), also when applying for a new password it says my email is wrong.
I checked my bank account and the money transaction is through. Never experienced such a thing before.
Please help.

I would contact Fontbase directly through email. Get a refund for the months you’ve paid and not used (or a credit) on your account.

it is possible that an accidental adjacent key press occurred while entering the email originally and that is why you cant login/get forgot password email. (it’s happened to be before with SkillShare). As long as you have the info needed to verify account you should have no problem.

Contact Email:

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Hello @Destur, thank you for the posts and sorry for the delay.
Could you please confirm that you have received the initial email with the password after registration?
FontBase Dev Team

Hello @yuriy,
I have not received any email until now.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
Trying to figure out what the problem is that caused this.
Have you already tried contacting us at by any chance?

Yes, I have sent an email to on the 29th of October from the address Haven’t got a response yet, I’m afraid.

So it is not only the account that does not exist, but you also do not receive my emails?

At least, if you could confirm that you received the amount of 3 dollars on the 26th of October, you could then cancel the transaction or return it. Also I need to know that the subscription is cancelled.

Does versions upgrade themselves automatically? Because the version is up to date but I don’t remember upgrading it. I use FontBase for some years now, maybe the error is caused of that.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
We should have received the email, yes, I have contacted the relevant people to sort this out, thank you for providing the email address.
Apologies for the delay, I understand your experience has been very far from ideal. The events of the last couple of weeks here interfere with the work, sometimes causing delays, but we’re doing our best to combat it.
You should receive a reply from the support team very very soon.
Sorry and thank you again,