Custom column numbers in grid view

It would be super helpful if when in grid view we could adjust the number of columns shown (maybe in settings we can pick a default?). Right now it’s 6 columns which serves me no good when, for example, I want to compare 15 candidates at 38px or if the text sample I’m using is on the longer size. I understand I can use list view, but my eyes want to read horizontally rather than scanning top/bottom.


This is a nice suggestion, we will consider adding it!


Hi guys,
Juste a quick message from a new user to give my full support for this demand. :innocent:
There isn’t a lot of like but to me it’s the one and only flaw on the software, it also prevents me to quickly compare my fonts, which is super frustrating.
I hope you’ll consider it Dominik, thanks for your work! :pray:

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