Deactivated fonts still open

In Fontbase, I have 40 fonts activated. On my Mac, I have a folder with all of my fonts (about 1500) categorised and they all show up as they should in Fontbase, with the correct file path. However, in InDesign, I still have what looks like ALL of my fonts active, slowing the system down. Looking at the Library/fonts folder, all of the fonts are showing, presumably duplicates of the ones I put in my Fontbase folder. I’ve tried removing them, but I’m unable to; I thought compressing them would work, but still no result. How can I resolve this? Thanks.

Hello @Dazzer21, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
It looks like you added all of your font files into FontBase, including those active in your system by default.
FontBase is unable to deactivate the fonts that are your default system fonts.
In this scenario, to have a complete control over your fonts via FontBase you’d have to move the font files from your default system folder to a different place, then add them to FontBase.
This way it will be only FontBase that manages them, not the system itself, causing the situation you have described.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team