Do tags sync between computers?

So, I’ve just finished tagging my fonts and I’m wanting to sync the data to my other computer. I’ve got the fonts and collections synced perfectly, but it’s not showing them as tagged. Do tags typically sync as well? Or do I need to go through the task of tagging them all again on my second computer?


Unfortunately, tags are not synced for now.

Hello, is this a feature that is planned for the near future?

Could you use collections the same way you would use tags to sync?

It is not planned for now.
You can use collections to achieve basically the same. The only difference is that you can not search fonts by collections, but you can do that with tags.

Is there maybe a possibility to at least copy the file where the tags are stored from one computer to the other? Or is that deep within the bowels of the code?

Hi @kentri, it’s the latter I’m afraid. No way to export/copy tag data separately from everything else FontBase stores within itself