Export and Sync features never worked


I bought 3 licences for syncing font between 3 windows 10 uptodate workstations, on fontbase 2.16.6 and the export feature and “sync” feature never worked…
“Error export collection” message the sync folder in google drive is empty.

It has been more than one month now. This specific feature made me buy this soft, so i am pretty desapointed so far…

Can you please fix this top of the line feature ?

Thank you

Hello @DynamicTouch, thank you for the post and sorry to hear you’re having issues with this feature.
The issue looks very similar to Collection sync isn't working - #8 by dominik. There’s a possible solution described in that thread.
Could you please let us know if it helped or would the issue still persist after trying it out?
Hope this helps.

it doesn’t work in onedrive, the only place it works is in the orginal folder at the root of user. Tried other place in C : nothing work…

This is very desapointing collection sync is not working at all currently…

Can you fix it please ?

Thank you for such a quick reply and additional information.
Sorry to hear the previous information didn’t help. However, you’ve mentioned that the feature does work in the root of the user, so we can rule out the possibility that the feature itself is not working. This is good news.
From what you’re describing it looks like the user rights to read/write files to places outside user’s root folder (cloud drives, C:, etc.) are limited.
Do the users on the 3 workstations have full access to the places where FontBase root folder was located and collection sync didn’t work (e.g. system admin rights)?
Or are they only limited to their user folder? If it’s this case, I’m afraid there is no way for FontBase (or any other installed software) to override the access rights a specific user was granted by the administrator without getting their permission.
Hope this helps.

all 3 users are admin on windows, sorry

The feature only work in the original folder nowhere else in C: even in user folders…

I had the same problem, but on MacOS Big Sur. The fix was to create a hidden folder
called .fontbase inside the root folder.

I think what’s going on is that FontBase makes a .fontbase hidden folder inside your root folder and writes the collection data to it. For some reason, when you change the root folder to a different location, FontBase forgets to make the .fontbase folder. Then, when it tries to read/write information to that folder it fails. At least, that’s my guess of what’s going on.


Thank toby for the help ! Any news from dev team ?

I am a bit deasapointing for now, it has been almost a month that I have contacted the help service, this featue made me bought 3 licences and it is useless…

If there is this prob on mac too it seems that this feature is not working for evrybody ?

At this point, the only thing I can suggest is a Chrome remote desktop session, so I can take a look at what’s happening myself. Can you install https://remotedesktop.google.com and then message us at mail[at]fontba.se when you’re ready to share your screen?

Sure great idea, I will contact you next week to set this up !

@dominik I’ve actually got the same issue - collection export errors and import errors / autosync not working apart from the base folder.

I’m free sooner than next week if you want to troubleshoot before then. We can do Google RD or Teamviewer.

@dominik just following up here. Did you and @DynamicTouch get anywhere with this?

We have now released a new version of FontBase with improved collection export and import. You should now be able to select the export location. This should make things much easier.

OK thank you, I will try it and let you know

It’s works now !!!
So happy !! The root folder is on the network, evry time someone close fontbase it s update the collection for all users !!! (when they close and open again)

So cool ! next update “instant” sync :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work, definitly recommand Fontbase now !!


The cloud-based solution (e.g. having your Fontbase folder on GoogleDrive within a folder that is sync’d for offline use to all desktops) just didn’t function for me, even after the update.

The collections would sync across devices, but GoogleDrive was using up 100% of the CPU and fontbase felt like it was struggling as well. I gave up.

I now have a cloud-free folder that I am using Synology to sync back and forth between my devices and that is working 1000x better. It means redundant folders across each device, which obviously takes up space and is not truly server-based, but it at least functions.

I blame GoogleDrive more than Fontbase here, but that solution really doesn’t work.