Failure to display font/displaying WRONG font

Fontbase fails to load a lot of fonts.
But also, for some it just displays a different/standard font instead of the more visible unsupported character symbol! (2nd part of the below video)
That’s even worse in how misleading it is :no_mouth:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    Version 10.0.19044.1889
  • FontBase 2.17.5

I’d attach two example fonts but only images are allowed (at least for me)

Hello @BlackPlatypus, thank you for your post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
Unfortunately it looks like this is an issue that’s specific to these font files and their internal coding, so at the moment it doesn’t look like there is an easy way to influence this on our side.
This might change in the future though.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Of course there’s probably something wrong/out of spec, but shouldn’t it be a high priority goal to accommodate those and be more robust?
And in general, to work on detecting errors and give the user a visual indicator and mark/tag those files as unsupported?
That way, we could collect all unsupported fonts and throw them in some app that can attempt to correct common errors.

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