Finder ask for admin credentials, when creating "Watched folder" on network drive

Mac OS X Monterey 12.6.

When I try to create “Watched folder” on network drive finder ask for user admin password.
When i list folders from FontBase root in Terminal I see that networked watched folders have user owner root, but local watched folders has owner logged user.

When I create this symbolic link to network location with terminal command with user owner logged user, it seems that everything works fine.

Is here some reason, why when i create Watched folder from app, there this symbolic link has root owner permissions?

I have multiple non admin users in department and I need that they are able create they own Watched folders in Font Base to network font storage.

Hello @jiri1010, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
The difference in behaviour between creating symlinks via FontBase and terminal is probably because FontBase is an application external to the OS, unlike the terminal.
Is there any way to launch FontBase with elevated rights for the users without providing them with the admin password?
Do any other apps performing similar tasks behave in a similar fashion?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team