Fontbase does not open on my iMac, can't delete the software

I’ve downloaded Fontbase recently and pretty much used it for a few days only (Version 2.15.5).

So, when I turn my iMac (macOS Big Sur 11.6.6., Intel core i5, late 2015) I see Fontbase trying to open up (the icon jumps in my toolbar), but then it disappears.
If I try to open it manually, nothing happens.

So I tried to delete the software, download it again etc. but I can’t delete it, because Fontbase “is open” apparently. I also restarted my iMac a few times.

Can’t take more screenshots because there’s nothing to see.

THANKS for the help!

Open up the Activity Monitor application, find FontBase and kill the process. You can also find the autostart entry: Open items automatically when you log in on Mac - Apple Support

There are other autostart mechanisms, KnockKnock can show you where it is if it’s using one of them:

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