Fontbase does not recognize fonts in folders

  • MacOS Ventura
  • 13.0
  • 2.17.16.
  • I wanted to relaunch Fontbase after a restart.

When I add a watched folder, or a folder it shows that it does not have any fonts in it, I checked, I have all my fonts, the same as the past 2 years and for some reason it does not recognize it. I cannot activate any font because of this.
It seems all my fonts are usable, like they are activated, because I did not install them on my machine. I reinstalled Fontbase 2 times already, but it still not working.

Hello @AdamTheBicycle, thank you for the post, sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum:)
Has this behaviour started recently or had it been like this with this folder during the entire time you’ve been using FontBase?
Also, are the font files there in .otf and .ttf formats, or perhaps some other?
Is this your system fonts folder by any chance?
Thank you,
FontBase Dev Team