Fontbase doesn't de-/activate fonts

We work on Mac, Big Sure, Intel-Core

If we open a document in Indesign (2021 and 2022), fontbase activate the fonts. But if I deactivate the fonts, nothing happens.
The path for the fonts in Indesign is not the same like in fontbase.
Indesign takes the fonts somewhere else, so nothing happens, when I activate or deactivate the fonts in fontbase.

If I open the same documents in a Mac with M1, all works fine.

What can I do?

Check the fonts folder in the system and see if there are fonts installed there

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The fonts are installed elsewhere, but the problem is the same, if I install the fonts in the system.
I updated the Mac to Monterey, still not working.
Then I made a clean install (Monterey) and it works fine. I assume, its a problem with Fontexplorer on the old installation.
Later I make some more tests.