FontBase not opening anymore

FontBase wont open anymore. I’ve tried installing the newest version, nothing happens.

Latest FontBase version installed.
10.14.6 Mojave

I just got a subscription for a full year… which was dumb because I can’t get it to work, cannot get a response from the company on social media, the “contact” link on the site leads to literally nothing and based on their social accounts it appears as if they just quit functioning as a company at some point in June or July. That’s fine but they shouldn’t still be taking payments as though they are functioning. I’m pissed at myself for paying for a year upfront but I saw so many recommendations and good reviews I went ahead and did it. I won’t do that again. Maybe this was a one-person operation and something happened IRL that meant the operator couldn’t deal with things anymore. I get that. But then stop taking new payments and refund money for existing users that can no longer count on the support that a subscription should guarantee.

If you take a look at this forum’s responses, we are responding constantly and to every message. We are also replying almost immediately to every email, which you can send from our website; or you can find it in the email that you received when you subscribed; or you can find the email in out terms of service even.

Now, as for the issue, can you tell what exactly is happening there?