FontBase won't finish loading after new install

I recently deleted FontBase and downloaded it again. However, with my new installation, it won’t actually load. I open it, and it sits on the white loading screen with the cutesy font jokes forever. I thought maybe it was trying to load fonts or something — but it just sits for hours. I’m not sure what to do?

Hello @hyacinthgirl, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
I have a suspicion that the solution suggested here might help FontBase Won’t Open but I see it in my Activity Monitor
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FontBase Dev Team

Thank you, but I don’t use a Mac so I don’t know how I would replicate that fix. I am running Windows 10. Also, the app opens, but just sits there. I can see the icon in the taskbar and I can see the loading screen window with the little font jokes, but it never goes past that.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
One way to try to fix this would be to completely wipe FontBase data.
To do this, you can remove it’s data folder. Please beware the data in it will be lost, so I’d recommend making a copy beforehand just in case. By default the folder is located at “C:\Users\YourRespectiveUserName\AppData\Roaming\FontBase”.
If you’d be up for trying this, let me know if it helps :pray:

Thank you, that is what I did when I deleted it originally. I exported my collections to a cloud drive, then uninstalled and deleted all the folders. This is a new install.

On whim, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled, and it loaded. Very weird! I guess fixed :slight_smile:

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