Fontbase won't work on my M1 MacBook Pro

Migrated to my new M1 MacBook Pro.

All the right info is still there in FontBase, which open fine, but none of the fonts will activate.

It just shows a pink message Botton right saying ‘Could not activate’.

Hoping to get this resolved soon as it’s really impacting my workflow! Thanks

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Operating system version
    OSX Monterey latest
  • FontBase version
  • What actions caused the issue
  • If possible, attach a screenshot

Have you moved and selected the root folder with your fonts correctly?

Hi Dominik. Thanks for this response. No, I don’t think I did. The right folder was copied over to the new machine, and Fontbase is pointed at it, but when I look in the folder all the fonts are light greay, like they are not there…

Any idea how I can fix? Thanks!

I am not sure what this grey files mean, FontBase does not change files in this way.
Try deleting everything from the Google provider and then try activating the fonts.