Fonts get deactivated when I close FontBase

As long as the app is running, everything is fine. Whenever I close the app, all the fonts I have activated get deactivated.

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Your Windows 10 Home
  • 21H2
  • FontBase version 2.16.9
  • What actions caused the issue: Closing the app.
  • If possible, attach a screenshot: Sorry, no

FontBase is designed this way. To keep the fonts active, FontBase needs to be running.

@ Frol - go to settings / app behavior and activate the first 3 buttons. So the app will allways runs in system tray / background (you don’t see it in task bar) and if you click close button of the app in upper right corner it doesn’t close but “goes” back to system tray.

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Thank you very much Matty! You’re the best!