Fonts missing on one computer but not the other

Windows 10 Home

My laptop, which shares a root folder on OneDrive with my desktop, is showing about half of the fonts visible on my desktop. My app on the laptop had crashed, so to get it working again I copied the db files from the app file on my desktop. That fixed the crash but is now showing thousands of fewer fonts. The collections have imported just fine. I don’t know what action to take to fix it.

Can you open the FontBase root on both computers and actually see if there is the same number of fonts inside?

There are, exactly the same amount.

Any ideas? My laptop lacking half of my fonts is a problem. Should I uninstsll and reinstall - would I lose the collections?

Ok, I have tried copying over the database files from my desktop and replacing them with the ones backed up just prior to losing access to the fonts - neither made a difference. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

I am at a loss.

Can you try removing all folders and fonts from the FontBase root, restart the app, and then add them again? Try this through your system file manger, not through FontBase.

That fixed it. Thank you so much for your help.