HELP: FontBase Has Messed Up Fonts in Web Browsers

I was trying out FontBase, added a Watched Folder, and was exploring the software features. I think I clicked the icon to the left of a font or folder (which I believe should activate the item). Once doing this, some fonts in my web browsers are messed up. Most notably, the Google website search results. In Firefox, there are extra spaces after some letters which make the results very difficult to read. These spaces appear to be part of the font characters. In Chrome, it uses a stylized handwriting-type font. Some other font on different pages (like ‘code’ font) also has incorrect spacing, etc. It seems that some necessary fonts are missing, or that it is otherwise confused on which fonts should be used.

I thought that quitting FontBase would restore all my fonts to how they were, but this does not resolve the issue. Looking in my system font folders, everything seems to still be there, so I can’t figure out what’s going on.

I am on OSX Catalina. Thanks for any help learning how this works, and fixing my web browser fonts.

Hello @greenfrog5, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
It’s possible that there was an issue with one of the fonts that you activated through FontBase, which was later used by the browser as it’s default font.
The procedure to try here would be to:

  • deactivate all active fonts in FontBase;
  • close the app;
  • reboot your computer;
    The issue should be fixed after that.
    Then, as an optional way of identifying the culprit font, start activating the previously active fonts one by one to find out where the issue is.
    Hope this helps,
    Thank you again,
    FontBase Dev Team

Closing the app, deactivating fonts, and rebooting my computer did not resolve the issue.

I was able to use Apple FontBook to reset my font settings which fixed the issue.

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