How can I make all my folders "watched"? (fonts not showing up when added)

I have a main folder with ALL my fonts in named subfolders. like this:

FREE FONTS (horror)
[plus dozens more folders stuffed with fonts]

First of all, I don’t understand this “watched folder” weirdness. Wouldn’t ALL the folders added to Fontbase be “watched”?

  1. I drag a downloaded (ttf) to let’s say “FREE FONTS (horror)”
    I look in Fontbase for “FREE FONTS (horror)” to see and make sure that font is open. And that font isn’t even showing up in that folder!

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental about Fontbase – not knowing makes using it frustrating.

Oh jeez. I’m figuring it out, somewhat.
I feel like I’m scratching me head in public, and learning new things in my underwear. :frowning:

Hello @Okudagram1988, thank you for your posts and sorry for such a delay.
If you have the opportunity, check out the short tutorials we have on Youtube. They might help with the basic things related to folder and collection management.

Glad things worked out in the end, even if at least partially :pray:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team