How do I refresh?

I just started using the app, so far so good… though I haven’t found how to activate a font and have it remain activated if the app is closed.

Main issue now is I have a folder of fonts I get free off a free font site, and randomly add to it. I’ve shut off the app and opened it again and newly added fonts don’t show.

How do I refresh a folder to show new fonts?

Hello @THRobinson, welcome to the forum and thank you for your post.
Currently there is no way to keep the fonts activated once the app has been shut down.
It can be minimised to tray (via the Settings page) and silently run the background to mimic this effect though.
As for the refreshing part: you’ve probably added the folder as a simple folder (where FontBase is making a local copy of the folder and its contents in its root folder).
To achieve the effect you’re looking for try clicking on the + in the bottom left corner of the main app window, then pick “Watched Folder”. It will link the folder on your hard drive and the one in FontBase and any changes to the original folder will be reflected in the app. But remember than this works both ways, i.e. if you decide to delete a font from such a folder via FontBase, it will be deleted in your original folder as well.
We have a short folder tutorial on Youtube, you might find some other useful tips there as well

Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team