I keep losing all of my updates I make to collections

  • Your operating system: Windows
  • Operating system version: 10
  • FontBase version: 2.16.9
  • What actions caused the issue: Uncertain

I’ve been having an issue where I keep losing updates I’ve made to my collections. I’ll organize a bunch of fonts into different collections, then a day or two later I’ll turn my computer back on and all the work I did is gone - fonts missing from collections I know for a fact I added them to, and some of the collections end up completely empty. Originally I thought the issue might be related to the fact that I had my fontbase root folder in OneDrive, but even after I moved it out of OneDrive and back to the default location, it’s still happening.

Can anyone please help? I emailed support and got no response, now nothing here… this is really hindering my ability to do my job…

What is the location of your FontBase root folder?