Impossible to desactivate font


Windows 10 64 bits FR
Font Base 3.16.9

We tried to desactivate font, which are in Active fonts folder.
We always had this serror message : Could not desactivate 1 font

See my screenshot.

What can we do to fix it ?

Thank you.

Best regards.


OK, we made like [eseFelipe] uninstall with Revo Uninstaller

Reinstall version 2.16.9. And of course, wrong folders have disappeared.

But this solution is not ok if you have a lot of folders which are already configured… Another solution, please ?

Thank you.
Best regards.

The only time I have had an issue like this is when I have had the font installed or “Activated” through another service (suitcase fusion, fontbook, adobe fonts, etc.)

If you cant deactivate the font it is likely that it is installed or activated somewhere else. Easiest way to check is to completely quit out of Fontbase and try to use the font in a program. If it shows up it is installed on your computer or activated somewhere else, if it is no longer usable then it is a Fontbase bug