List of Font Providers

I have tried to locate other providers. I am sure there are more than just Google. I searched before I asked but was unable to find anything here or on the web.
Does any have a list of other providers that I can add to fontbase? May need instructions on how to add them as well.
Any information and/or help is greatly appriciated

Welcome in Dawg,

I myself don’t use the “providers” option as I prefer to keep all of my resources local. However I see that you are new here and wanted to offer some sort of reply. I suspect the provider option is really just accommodating Google fonts at this point and will serve as a bridge going forward as new networks provide. I truly don’t know for certain. Also, it may be a useful tool for companies to share resources internally. Also regarding “help”, if you haven’t yet, you should visit I did find some useful pointers there as I got started.

Anyway, that said I did poke the web with your query and found this site, Top Ten Free Font Providers which Web Designers Must Know though you are probably already aware of most of them.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi DevilDawg
As Gil I too don’t like to use the provider option. I downloaded the google fonts en bloc and use them offline (it’s legally). So they are not allways up to date until downloading again. I don’t know about other providers to use this way like Google Fonts and I think fontbase doesn’t sopport it(?). I always download fonts from dafont and others on demand for offline use.