No options for sync and export/import collections

Hi. I’m using FontBase 2.16.9 on two computers with Ubuntu 20.04 and folders synced with Google Drive through the Insync app.

I’ve configured the same Root folder for FontBase in both machines, but on neither of the two computers can I see the options for syncing and export-import collections.

I wonder on which folders are collections stored. Anyway, any workaround to find a solution?

Are you subscribed to Awesome? Collection sync is only available for paid users and you need to be logged in on both computers.

Yep, sorry for not to mention. Yes, I’m a paid user, and I’m logged in on both computers!

Hi there. I’ve updated to 2.17.5, and I still can’t see the syncing and export-import collections options. Any news about this bug? Thanks!

Hello @antonio, thank you for your post and sorry for such a delay in replying.
Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of how your Settings page looks like? Particularly the “Advanced” section? It should look like this:

This will help us better understand where the problem is.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi @yuriy. This is a screenshot of my settings page. It’s identical on both computers, and all of them are running FontBase 2.17.5 on Ubuntu 20.04. I’m subscribed to Awesome. Thanks.

@antonio thank you for the lightning-fast reply!
Thank you for providing the screenshot, just dug through the code, this is indeed a bug, the fix will be available in the next release, hopefully soon.
Thank you again for helping us detect this,
Please bear with us and sorry for the inconvenience,

No problem! Please, heavy-anchor this bug up in your to-do. We already discussed it some months ago (at 2.16.9) via private email, and the last reply was just the same :wink: Thanks!

Really sorry for the inconvenience.
It’s definitely been fixed this time, please just bear with us until the new update rolls out :pray:

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