Occasionally losing Favourites upon startup

Hi there,

I have had this happen a couple of times now, but only since I have been running Fontbase 2.16.9, which is since I updated late October last year.

Upon startup, Fontbase normally loads automatically with the system. However, only a couple of times, and for no apparent reason, upon startup I have been logged out of the app and all my Favourites are set to ‘0’.

App behaviour settings reset to default values, all previously active fonts become deactivated as well, however my Watched Folders continue to load correctly.

Is there a way of retrieving the Favourites list from somewhere within the system? As there are a core set of fonts scattered throughout my Watched Folders that I rely on heavily, manually resetting them as Favourites is a nuisance.

I am running Monterey 12.2.1 on a 2017 27" iMac and I use Adobe CC apps daily (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop). Also please note, the only maintenance app I periodically use is Onyx, and this has never affected Fontbase.

Thanks for any assistance with this issue.

Hello @designer-images, welcome to the forum, thank you for the detailed description and sorry for the delay.
Sorry to hear you’ve having these issues, repeatedly at that.
Does this only happen to the Favorites collection, not other ones?
Have you perhaps had the chance to re-install FontBase and see if that would help?
From the behaviour you’ve described it seems that for some reason either the OS or an external application is interfering with FontBase or the folders where it stores data, hence the disappearance of all app data (the folder that stores app data is located at ~/Library/Application Support/FontBase)
A good way to back up the collections, including Favorites, would be the collections import/export function in the Settings page.
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hey @yuriy, no worries thanks for getting back mate.

Since I posted, I have re-setup my iMac, not because of this issue, but because it was running waaay too slow. Seems like the issue is a slowing down internal HD. I am now bypassing my internal HD and running my entire OS and all working files off an external SSD drive which is proving to be an absolute life saver and now postponing a full machine upgrade for now.

The problem has not repeated itself, however your reply has been really helpful. After a bit of experimenting, I am now mirroring my Favourites section with a Favourites Collection that I can easily keep updated and export for backup. So cool it’s just a lightweight json file and not the fonts duplicating themselves as I initially thought it would be.

So thanks again for the reply, keep up the good work :+1:.


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