On 1 Win10 PC, FB only starts on 1st Start after (Re-)Installation

Hi everyone,

on one Win10-PC Fontbase only starts after the Installation or Re-Installation of Fontbase.
Dont know how that can be possible, but this is the fact.
I also tried it, to delete the folder “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Fontbase” before start, and even before Reinstallation.

I can reproduce the fast first start after reinstallation.

any other ideas, as deleting the fontbase-dir in userdir, cause this doesnt work for me.

many thx. Pit

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What is the install location of FontBase on your computer?

Hi Dominik,

its c:\Program Files\FontBase

Can you try installing it in your user home folder instead? There’s a second option during install to do this.

Hi dominik,

i installed in C:\Users_username_\AppData\Local\Programs\FontBase

Now it seems to work. I tested, by starting/closing FB several times. I dont know if it will now work forever, but at the moment, the problem seems to be solved.

many thx.

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