Opens but can't see anything or use anything. Rendered Useless now

Mac OS Big Sur 11.6
FontBase 2.16.8

My FontBase opens but gives me some cute little message and then is basically worthless unless I already have fonts active. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled, and restarted a dozen times and closed and opened the app hoping it will just work one of these times. I even went and subscribed for “Awesome”… which it wasn’t. There is no place to log in on the app so it doesn’t help me at all. I have wasted so much time on this and I NEED this to work since all of my fonts are on here and I have work I need to finish.

Can you try removing the folder ~/Library/Application Support/FontBase ?

I have the exact same problem, the app works again once the folder is removed but when the program is closed and open again with the folder existing the program fails to launch again.

@ifoundblake @Dave1 I noticed the same issue yesterday and resizing the window brought the UI back to life, not ideal but it fixes the issue :slight_smile: (at least it did for me) I hope this helps :slight_smile:


LOL it works, thank you. but font base needs to seriously investigate this even though the problem can be solved with such a trivial action.

We will certainly look into this.