Preference settings save location?

Looking for information about where FontBase Preference settings are saved under Windows installations. Is there a setting file or a registry key? Trying to standard the basic settings across all users without instructing everyone to go in and manually set the preferences.

Things like “Hide to tray on close,” “Start on system start,” “Start hidden,” Update automatically," and on “Auto activate: Enable” for target folder.


Hello @chapter, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum:)
I’m afraid there is no separate file or way to share settings specifically. All app data are stored in
If you were setting up fresh applications, then changing settings on one machine, then copying the folder contents to other machines would replicate the settings on other machines. However, this would also overwrite everything else, including root folder location, collections, activation status etc.
So if your multiple applications already have different data between them this approach is something you should probably avoid.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team