Problem font adobe illustrator defect

Hello group.
I have a little problem in Adobe Illustrator.
I want to create a stick man.
But when I make a straight or vertical line next to the respective line, some deformations of the line appear, I leave here two examples, one as it shows me in the program, and one as I would like it to be seen!
AS SEEN: ( )

Hi Elena, you don’t really have a problem or a defect, but probably you haven’t activated some settings in Ilustrator. And it also seems that you don’t really have a problem with a font, do you?

Well, there are several possibilities, please check them out

  • enable or disable Pixelpreview (you can find it under the menu “View”).
  • in the Illustrator “Preferences” (menu “Illustrator” > General): activate “smoothed artwork”.
  • activate GPU performance
  • try to make your drawing a bit bigger and pay attention to the line width.

I hope I could help you! Don’t forget to shut down the application completely!

Cheers, E