Search breaks after adding a space/second word

macOS Ventura 13.4
FontBase version 2.18.1

If I search for a font using more than one word I don’t get any results. I do not have this issue on my laptop’s main user profile, but I’m running into this issue on my laptop’s second profile as well as my Windows 11 computer in addition to the system mentioned above.

Screen Recording 2023-06-19 at 11.03.27 AM

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Hello @Tahirah, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Are FontBase versions the same across all the 3 cases you’ve mentioned?
Did this work before or did the application behave like this ever since installation?
This is quite odd.
FontBase Dev Team

Hello! The FontBase versions are the same across all instances, as I did a fresh install each time I ran into the problem (to no avail).

I’ve just installed it on my new system (same OS and FontBase version as above) and everything is running smoothly, so I’m really not sure what’s happening!

Thank you for the quick reply :pray: This is very odd indeed.
Did you perchance check this behaviour on the same font or two? Meaning add the same font to all FontBase installations and try to search for it as you did in the gif above?

I have this same problem on a fresh install on a Windows 10 machine.

Hello @149203, thank you for the post :pray:
Has this ever happened before?

Whoops, sorry for missing your response!

I have had this behaviour not only on the same fonts in the GIF across the devices where I had this problem, but for any font that has more than one word/is broken up with spaces.

I just installed and purchased FontBase a few days ago.

Any font that is more than one word and is broken up by spaces fails to search properly.

Hi, thank you for the additional info :pray:
Does not using spaces in the searchbar work?
For now it looks like this has to do with how different font designers coded the info into the files themselves as this does happen on every single font :pensive:

Hi, thank you for the update :pray:

Thank you both, indeed the behaviour seems unstable, and this will be included in the list of things we’re working on in the next updates.
Thank you again for bringing this up :pray:

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