Some Fonts not Displaying

Certain fonts show as squares, even in view details. I wrote support & Dominik replied that FontBase is not able to parse this font correctly which happens if there are some slight errors in the font file format… and there is not much we can do about this.

However, other font software has no issue showing all fonts so obviously there IS something that can be done.
Other software that works on all fonts are:
Font Explorer X (just announced End of Life)
Typograf (Windows)
Mac OS Font Book
Windows Explorer

I want FontBase to work for me, I am rooting for it because otherwise, it’s a great tool… but I MUST be able to see all my fonts! Please Dominik and all coders… figure this out.

  • Mac OS & Windows
  • All versions
  • FontBase v 2.17.5

Hello @Charmskool, thank you for your post, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with the app.
Thank you for explaining the issue in detail and mentioning the previous steps you’ve already taken, that it very helpful.
As for now the situation is still unchanged I’m afraid. We are aware of this issue though and will fix it as soon as the solution is available, please bear with us.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team