Sort tags in the SuperSearch

hey, everyone! Is there any way to sort tags in the SuperSearch panel? Now they appear randomly that is super inconvenient. I used my own system of starting symbols (e.g. _, *, ~ ) to sort the list of keywords in Suitcase Fusion. And would appreciate the same (or better) functionality in Fontbase. Thanks!

I think they are in order they were created there is no way to move them.

This is crazy! What if I have hundreds?

Looking at tags, it seems that we are not sorting them alphabetically for some reason. This will be fixed. As for the ability to sort them, I don’t think we are going to add that.

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At least alpabetical order! Thank you, will be waiting!

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Hello @bloodimir, thank you for your post.
Alphabetical sorting for tags in SuperSearch will be added in the upcoming release, please stay tuned.