'Start Hidden' Doesn't Work

With ‘Start Hidden’ set to ‘On,’ the app window shows anyway when I start up my PC. I tried setting it to ‘Off’ and then ‘On’ with each time a reboot but to no avail.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, version 21H1
FontBase Free 2.16.6

Could the devs or any of the other FontBase experts please respond to my above post? Is this a know issue? What can be done about it? I’d like the app to start hidden. Thank you.

If you activate “Start hidden”, then close the app entirely (nut just close it to be hidden in tray, but close it even from there) and then start FontBase, does it start hidden in that case?

Thank you for responding. No, in that case it starts hidden. However, when I reboot my PC, it shows again.
By the way, sometimes the app opens with and sometimes without the ‘Awesome’ screen.

This sounds like a bug. We will need to investigate this to make sure what is causing this issue.
As for the Awesome screen - it is shown each 2nd launch by design.

Thanks for the update, dominik. Hope you guys find & fix the bug.

With regards to the Awesome screen, I didn’t know that it’s supposed to pop up on each second launch. But isn’t that overdoing it a bit?

Is it? The app is free to use, we need to make money somehow :sweat_smile:

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Your choice of course. But when frequent nag screens – rather than periodic reminders – are thought necessary to make users upgrade, I consider it non-professional. It’s the features I need that make me upgrade, not an irritating popup, even though it negatively affects my user experience and the company’s image.

However, thank you for responding, dominik.

Dear @Hilltops, first of all thank you for your initial post and helping us locate a potential bug.
Also, thank you for your feedback regarding your user experience while using FontBase and sorry to hear it wasn’t the most pleasant one.
The complaint about the popup does not seem to come up very often, probably because most users launch FontBase once a day at startup and keep it running. In this respect having a popup once every 2 days for a free application that beats other commercial competitors in many ways does not seem like a high price to pay. But this indeed could be seen as an issue when launching FontBase multiple times a day.
At FontBase we try to put our professionalism into the product and making tools that are useful for our customers. We could have concentrated more on sales and marketing, probably making even the base application paid, or going the social media route of including paid ads to generate revenue that way. Instead we opted for what we saw as the lesser evil. After all, the base version still requires company resources to develop and support, and we currently don’t have the luxury a multi-million dollar corporation might have of developing and maintaining an application that requires much more funds than it brings in.
In terms of company image, while is understandable that popups affect your view of the company, it’s hard to agree with your statement universally, based on thousands of our users who have shown nothing but support and encouragement for what we do and how we do things at FonBase.
If I may, can I ask what you would consider a fair interval between periodic reminders for an application that is free, yet powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with other font management options sometimes running at USD100 or more per year?
Thank you again for your feedback.

@yuriy Thanks for your extensive reply. I hope you’ll be able to find and fix the bug I reported.

Perhaps it’s good to start off by saying that the bug negatively affected my user experience as the FontBase window continued to show even after the ‘Start hidden’ option was introduced for the free version.

The Awesome popup compounded the experience. It seems to me that with the introduction of the ‘Start hidden’ option, you aimed the app to work as discretely as possible. So, it seems to me that you don’t want to show the popup too often. Rather than once every two days/times the app is launched, what about showing it once per week?

Of course, you guys know the font app field much better than I do, so if you feel the frequency is acceptable or even necessary, who am I to argue differently. I certainly don’t claim that my experience is universally shared.

I do understand that FontBase is a relatively small outfit and I do appreciate your need for generate income. And yes, I agree, your sales & marketing approach could be much more aggressive than it is now. Again, you’re the judge as to what is needed.

Thank you for the nice app and wishing you all the best!