State of the Program/Updates Timeline?

Hey FontBase team!

First, a sincere thank you for your work asofar on FontBase. This program has been immensely helpful in both my professional and personal lives. I’ve been a regular user since at least March 2021 and an Awesome subscriber since that May. I immediately loved how FontBase could breathe life into my font library, and make it feel dynamic and at my fingertips - I immediately felt its potential.

But it feels like the momentum has stopped, and that lately that potential is not being met. I appreciate that this forum is regularly monitored, and it can be a great resource. But the program itself feels stuck in 2022 - the last update was half a year ago - and ultimately unfinished. FontBase’s last Twitter and Facebook activity look to be from around that time, too. And while there’s no dates on the FontBase website’s blog posts, the most recent post promotes a feature from August 2020.

So I ask this as a fan and enthusiast: y’all alright?

What’s next for FontBase? Will there be an update soon? A social media post? Should we continue to look forward to great developments from the team? And is there anything else we, the community, can do to help?


hi there

if you have been following very recent Posts, you will have noticed that just in the past few days, there was a flurry of Posts by ‘Yuri’, seemingly out of no-where, which suddenly addressed, sometimes helpfully, sometimes not so much, my own recent and other recent related Posts

up to then, there were basically never any responses (by FB) to any of the many Posts about problems, bugs, or questions by its users and customers for as long as you could remember

as you state, based on yr checking, it was if FB took a long holiday, or in this case, we could say ‘sabbatical’ :slight_smile:

which fundamentally left all its users, INCLUDING all its PAYING Subscribers in the lurch, for so long, getting no help, and definitely no FIXES to what were obvious bugs, and basic, non-obscure, enhancements

and this latest little flurry does not address any of those User/Customer needs

nonetheless FB remains very useful tool indeed: but one wonders why i should/would pay a monthly Subscription, albeit small. nonetheless , every month (and in my case, where i only use sporadically, when i have some Project that i look for suitable fonts for titles , headlines, and subheads: not a daily user for some occupation or business)

PS not so much “stuck in 2022” - just stuck! :slight_smile:

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Hello @natespa, thank you for the post and for the interesting topic you brought up :pray:
I’m the “Yuri” @dec mentioned in their post. The name is actually Yuriy, I’m a software developer with FontBase, as every initial reply on a post mentions:)
Myself, as well as the entire FontBase team, are Ukrainian, and we’re currently in Ukraine. As you can imagine, the ongoing war with russia takes quite a toll on our lives, unfortunately not always only personal, but sometimes professional as well. So to answer your question about being alright: not really, well, as alright as one can be in a country at war. Thank you for caring :pray: This is one of the major reasons the development has slowed down recently, but I assure you FontBase is alive and kicking:)
Just yesterday we’ve talked about future updates we will release, since we’ve had quite a few things to work on based on our vision as well as the community posts here: some bugs to polish out, some new ideas to implement, some existing features to improve.
We immensely appreciate the community support and communication, and we can only hope that you guys will keep believing in FontBase as much as we do. Leave the implementation of those hopes to us and you won’t be disappointed:)
Sincerely sorry for the delay and with hopes of news/updates soon,
FontBase Dev Team


Hi there Yuriy :slight_smile:
(and there i thought the extra ‘y’ was the first letter of family name as is common)

many thanks for the helpful update.

likewise, i hope you can keep somewhat safe-ish during traumatic difficult and painful period.

let me see if i can find the various screenshots i think i have been accumulating and post them separately (i guess i should check my own recent posts firsts to avoid too much duplication)

PS ‘dangerous’ was the word i was trying to thiink of …

kind regards


Dear @dec, thank you for your post :pray:

Re: “up to then, there were basically never any responses” - I do not believe this to be quite true, since we regularly, albeit not always daily, reply to forum posts with as much information and detail as we can:) Anyone interested in confirming this is free to, for example, click my profile here and see the “Activity” tab. I do understand your frustration, but the picture you paint in this post does not seem to be matching the reality, as anyone with access to this forum will be able to confirm.

The “long holiday” or the “sabbatical:slight_smile:” you’ve mentioned is the result of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by russians. This is by no means a reason every single user should give us a pass on not updating FontBase as much as before the invasion started, but this is not some holiday we took by choice to kick back in the Bahamas sipping cocktails and bathing in subscriber money, of that I can assure you. The war influences our daily lives quite a bit, and sadly this does transfer to not being able to update FontBase as much as we, as well as our users (both paid and free), would want.

Thank you for being the champion of all FontBase users and speaking on behalf of each and every single one of you :pray: I do believe though that the dire situation you’re describing is not even close to being as dramatic as some people reading your posts might be lead to believe.
We are grateful for your input and value your opinion, since over the recent weeks you’ve been actively engaged in 13 different topics with 20 posts of your own and we haven’t seen you in the forum since the 2 days in December 2022 (8 posts then) and several posts in 2021. We appreciate our users speaking up and are always willing to engage and see what we can do to make using FontBase a better experience for everyone :pray:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

as advised at some point, i only need to use FB wheni have some small Project wher i need to select some font/s fopr title, headings, or sub-heards, or text.

so it is very sporadic use, and hence very sporadic comments

So any update on a timeline of sorts? As a lifetime license customer, it’d alleviate my concerns.

For me, no rush on getting an app update anytime soon, it’ll just be great to be able to set my expectations – no matter how low nor high with some tentative dates.

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Hello everyone,
Deeply sorry for the lack of communication in this thread :pensive:
And update was just launched today, including the 2024 CC plugins, and we’re already working on the next one, including at least one of the most-requested features based on feedback we get from you.
For now it looks like the next update will be implemented quite a bit faster than the previous one. I’m afraid I don’t have an exact date as of now :pensive:
Thank you for all your help and feedback, it’s invaluable to us at FontBase :pray:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi @yuriy, new Fontbase user here.
I’ve been having basically non-existent download speeds all day (I’m in the UK btw)- is this a known issue?

Hello @Takeshino, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Does this still persist?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Worked the next day. Servers were too busy, maybe?

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