Tags do not include

Is there a way to search for fonts that do not include certain tags? For example, I’d like to see all fonts that are NOT script or sans.

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Unfortunately, currently there is no way to search for untagged fonts. But we’re getting requests to add this, so we are currently considering it.

I have a large collection tagging them would be an ordeal.

In my old font app Fontexpert it would group them as roman, Swiss, decorative and non descriptive but still no way to sort by sans, san serif, script and so on.

I’m not sure if the font meta contains this type of information so that application could sort or tag font types.

At the moment I am making collections and adding them slowly as tagging one by one is painful.

You can select multiple fonts using Shift or Ctrl and then tag them.
Eventually we will have all fonts tagged using our AI, but we still need some time to finish that.


That’s you did not cross my mind thanks