Updated: Display and crash issues when Windows text cursor indicator is on


I am running Windows 10 and FontBase 2.17.5. Today for some reason FontBase is doing two odd things:

  1. The menu on the left displays cascading glitchy shapes (I think triangles?) upon startup of FontBase or making the FontBase window active. The shapes are more frequent when I scroll. The shapes also can persist for a minute or so even when FontBase is minimized and will display on other windows. (They even kept cascading when I tried to take a screenshot and the rest of the screen was frozen.)

  2. FontBase immediately crashes if I click the top-left menu button (my name).

Other than that, it appears to be working normally, but it’s really, really weird.

I did let my computer update today, so maybe that triggered something. Anybody have any idea what’s happening or how to fix it?

I have figured out at least part of the problem. When I updated Windows, I googled to see what had changed in the update, and while I was doing that I came across an older article talking about the Windows text cursor indicator. It’s an accessibility feature in the Ease of Access section that adds colored triangles to the top and bottom of your cursor so it’s easier to pick out on the screen. I turned that on yesterday to give it a try.

I tested to see if that was the issue with FontBase by 1) changing the color of the indicator and 2) turning the text cursor indicator feature off. When I changed the indicator from green to purple, the visual glitch still happened in FontBase, but the glitch was purple now instead of green. I then turned the feature off entirely, and I experienced no more visual glitches at all. Also, when the feature was turned off I could click on the top-left menu of FontBase with no issues. (When the feature is turned on, FontBase immediately closes when the top-left menu is clicked.)

TL; DR: I found a bug. The text cursor indicator accessibility feature in Windows 10 causes FontBase to display a visual glitch and closes the program when clicking the top-left menu.

Hello @justaddwater, thank you for such a detailed investigation, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
We’ll see if there is anything we can do about it, but for now it looks like the issue lies deeper that what we have any major influence over.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team