Watch folder - Folders do not show

OSX, latest (12.3.1)
Fontbase Version 2.17.5

I add a watched folder, I enter the admin password, the operation indicator circle icon disappears after entering the password, but the watched folders do not appear, even after a long wait.

Watched folders only worked for the first time.
Never again. Neither after reinstallation nor after deleting all app files (with AppCleaner app).
I tried on my own computer, google drive, vpn.

Hello @Norbert, welcome to the forum, thank you for the post and sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with this.
Is your root folder located on a network drive (NAS, Dropbox, OneDrive etc)?
If watched folders worked for the first time, could you please confirm one thing - at the time when you were adding the subsequent watched folders, did you have the initially added folder selected (highlighted in the sidebar on the left)?
Asking all of these to better understand what the cause might be.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team