When to expect compatible plugin new native M1 version of InDesign 16.3

MacOS Big Sur 11.4
FontBase version 2.16.0

InDesign plugin not working on new native M1 version 16.3 of InDesign.
When to expect a plugin update?


Currently you can run InDesign through Rosetta and use the old plugins.

No estimate on the new plugins for now: there’s even no documentation published by Adobe about how to create the new plugins.

Any news on this? We are more then a half year later now.

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Please inform us when we can expect the M1 version…

Seem that still there is no solution for the M1 Chip. Using Rosetta isn´t really a good one. So since my Subscription will be renewed very soon, i need to know when Fontbase can be used in the native ARM Mode for M1 chip. Thanks for your help.

Indeed, this is ridiculous. Suitcase is already M1 compatible. I’m going back, this is taking too long.

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This is totally ridiculous… cancelling subscription. Bummer.

very upset by the lack of a plugin on m1

I love FontBase and answer How Suitcase, RightFont and others could adapt to m1 and fontbase not?

+1 Can we please have an update on this issue? Its critical for our future use of fontbase. thanks

I wanted to announce that we have just released a FontBase update with native M1 plugins for CC apps. Enjoy! :wink:


What about an actual native M1 Mac app of the main FontBase app? FontBase is really the last remaining stronghold in the Activity Monitor on my machine listed as “Intel”

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it doesn’t work with Adobe Illustrator. Why?

Hello @chife, to make it easier to answer your question, could you please provide your OS, Adobe Illustrator and FontBase app versions?
FontBase Dev Team

Hello @Mawthra, thank you for the question and sorry for the delay.
We plan to do that, yes, no final deadline on it for now though.

Aug 2022 and I still have to download Rossetta so that fontbase works properly. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement ?

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FYI, it’s fully native now