When update for Adobe CC 2023? Font not activating

  • Windows
  • Windows 11 22H2
  • FontBase 2.17.15

The fonts are not activating automatically after the update of the app to 2023. I tried to change the folder plugins, but it did not work.

Thanks in advance.


The same problem on MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Pro intel.
When will there be an update?

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Same problem here with M1 Max Macbook Pro. It seem that there isn’t support for the latest version of Adobe yet. Some feedback would be great


Same problem with PS CC2013 and WIN11

An update on this would be appreciated. I paid for this software specifically to have auto-activated fonts. Feels like paying attention to adobe updates might be a minumum requirement for the dev team to take my money. Suitcase is expensive but maybe it was worth it?

Same issue for me too. Running Fontbase on my M1 MacBook and Intel iMac and would appreciate an update with 2023 plugins please.

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I tend to agree. And the lack of response isn’t great.

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Same issue here, on M1Max MBP.
[edit] - just saw on twitter here is an update (today), to address this. Now to find the update button on the app.

On the most recent update (12.17.16) and do not see the 2023 option?

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I am struggling with same problem on my windows 11 PC with indesign 2023

You will need to clean the local data cache for it to work:


Or on Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/FontBase

But it doesn’t even list the CC 2023 apps

after cleaning C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Roaming/FontBase folder it recognized CC 2023 apps.

If this solution doesn’t work, first uninstall CC 2023 and fontbase. After that clean Fontbase folder under AppData and reinstall CC 2023 and Fontbase respectively

What I have to delete? All the files in FontBase?

Please delete all files under “C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Roaming/FontBase” folder

Deleted the cache and still no success (MBP M1)

Please send PM to @FontBaseApp from twitter. I found the solution to my problem on win11 PC with their help. I hope they have a specific solution for the M1 MBP.

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Thank you for the investigation and the workaround @cakinci :pray:
There indeed had been a bug where the plugin list was not shown correctly even though the plugin files themselves were available in the update, but since then we’ve uploaded a fix which should’ve resolved this.
Do let us know if the issue still persists guys.
First update in a while, yeah, sorry about that :sweat_smile: But more to come soon.
Working on them right at this very moment, please bear with us.
FontBase Dev Team

I couldn’t get the plugins to work either, so I uninstalled and reinstalled (thankfully my setup is not a complicated one) and the 2023 plugins were available to install. Everything seems to be working fine so thank you!

Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere, but are there any known issues with Fontbase for Mac on the latest OS Ventura?

Cheers, Andrew

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would have been helpful to know what that might have been.