Ability to pin more than one font

I never actually use the “pin” function because I have no use for it as it is. However, as I’m looking through my thousands of fonts deciding which ones to use, it would be incredibly useful if I could pin several fonts, so I can compare them and decide which ones will work best for whatever I’m doing, and then unpin them once I’m done.


I would totally appreciate that, too! Or something like the “Quick Collection” function in the Typeface app for Mac.

Yes please! There are many times when I want to decide between several fonts in a certain category. I used to use another font organizer where this was a possibility, where I could just flag the fonts and view just those flagged fonts. (That is about the only feature of the other program I am missing.)


Yes please! I What ggjane said.

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i would have thought the Collection function would have been a far far better way to do this!

even as we speak, i have just created a Collection called Heaven (don’t ask :slight_smile: to do precisely that.

and it obviously has the advantage that you caan create and keep and modify multiple collections

my only prob with that at the moment is copying, not moving; but i just realised that is probably just as simple as holding down CTRL key UPDATE: NOPE, it isn’t :frowning: