Activated font does not show in Photoshop, cannot be deactivated

  • Operating system: Win 10 Pro
  • Operating system: version 21H1
  • FontBase: 2.16.9

There are fonts (not many) that do not show in photoshop and cannot be deactivated. I can activate them twice (via the main bullet where you can click “view family”) and if i do that, they AND some others show twice (or more often) in photoshop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :wink:

If the font is installed in your system, FontBase is not able to deactivate it. You need to make FontBase the only source of active fonts, if you want to see only them in your apps. On Windows, you need to uninstall the fonts using the control panel Fonts page.

Thanks for the help! The fonts where not installed (or at least they did not show) under windows - but rebuilding the fontcache seems to have worked. Now i can deactivate the fonts via FontBase.

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