Activated fonts don't work in Creative Cloud Libraries previews

When font styles are added to Creative Cloud Libraries, their previews don’t use their respective fonts.

Here, Arial and Calibri (normally installed system fonts) and Obviously (Adobe Fonts font) have proper previews, but two fonts activated through FontBase don’t:


Here is the same Library viewed online. These thumbnails look right.

Windows 11 Pro, FontBase 2.18.1

Hello @wavedash, thank you for the post and sorry for the delay :pray:
Looks like this is due to how Creative Cloud Libraries looks for fonts and identifies them, since the installed system fonts seem to work ok. Do FontBase activated fonts show up as they should in other applications installed on your computer? If not, then it’s most likely the FontBase issue and we’ll see what we can do about fixing that. If yes, then it’s the CCL issue rather than FontBase’s.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

They show up fine in at least one non-Adobe program. Here’s Microsoft Word, both the preview in the font selection dropdown and the actual text work:


Thank you for such a quick reply :pray:
Unfortunately it looks like it’s the problem on the Creative Cloud app’s side, not FontBase’s (otherwise we wouldn’t see the activated fonts in non-CC apps as well).
We are very limited as to what we can do on our end to influence this, sorry :pensive:
Thank you again,