Add optional delay for better work with NAS drives


All our fonts are on a NAS harddrive shared between every one.
The only probleme is that fontbase launch before the computers connect to the NAS.
Is there a way to delay the automatic opening of fontbase, maye be 30 seconds ? to leave some time for the computers to connect.
(If font base open before the hard drive is connected, we have lots of square instead of the letters and some suprisings bugs coming out of this)

Thank you,

Hello @romain, thank you for the post:)
There is no way to do this at the moment beyond manually launching FontBase later and not on system startup.
But this is a good suggestion.
I have adjusted the forum topic for better visibility and put it into the Greenlight category, so if it gets enough upvotes/support from the community it will be a candidate for implementation in the future releases.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team